Qt widget for create key sequences

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version 1.0

The QKeySequenceWidget is a widget to input a QKeySequence.

This widget lets the user choose a QKeySequence, which is usually used as a shortcut key. The recording is initiated by calling captureKeySequence() or the user clicking into the widget.

The QKeySequenceWidget is based on code KKeySequenceWidget from KDE project. But it not needs kde libraries for building and working.


For using QKeySequenceWidget in your qmake-based project you must copy
"qkeysequencewidget" directory to your source tree. And include qkeysequencewidget.pri into your *.pro file.

For example see projects in "demos" directoy .

For using QKeySequenceWidget in your CMake-based project you must coy
"qkeysequencewidget" directory to your source tree. And include into main CMakeLists.txt this strings:


Then add "qkeysequencewidget" into target_link_libraries section for your project.

For example, see CmakeLists.txt in current directoy.

For using QKeySequenceWidget in QtDesigner you needs build designer-plugin. This located in "designer-plugin" directory.


Installing QKeySeqenceWidgetPlughin^

On Linux:

make install (as root)

On Windows:

Copy QKeySequnceWidgetPlugin.dll to ${QT_DIR}/plugins/designer

It builded only qmake, CMake not supported.

Author: Artem Galichkin doomer3d@gmail.com

Licence: BSD